Hilltop Academy aims to provide an educational experience that empowers students to acquire skills and valuable knowledge that will support them as lifelong learners, helping them participate and contribute to the global community while practicing core human values: Respect, Tolerance, Inclusion and Excellence.

What We Offer


This is our BABY classroom. We accept children from the age of 2 years. This class does not have a set curriculum.


This is our foundation class and here we teach the children Literacy, Reading, Basic Mathematics, shapes and colours.


This is the last class of our Early Year section. In this class the students are prepared for the Primary class.


Hilltop Academy Primary section is from Year 1 - 6. The Primary classes prepare students in Cambridge subjects

Lower Secondary

We have Year 7 - 9 on our Lower Secondary. We continue at a higher level with the focus on core subjects.

High Secondary (IGCSE)

In the Higher Secondary, the students prepare to take the final Cambridge Exams which is IGCSE. This is done in Year 11.

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